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Of course, we service our own equipment. But we do also service both tube and solid state instrument amplifiers by Fender, Marshall, VOX, Hiwatt, Sound City, Gibson, and other vintage brands. We also service various outboard gear, consoles and keyboards, in addition to vintage Hi-Fi. If you're not sure, please feel free to ask.

What you need to know

A minimum "bench fee" of $85 will be charged for every item that is brought in for service. If you're bringing in multiple pieces, we'll of course, try to combine some of this. But please, be aware, that part of this time goes to actually taking the device apart and putting it back together. So, if it's time-consuming to take the unit apart and get to the source of the problem, that "flexibility", gets eroded.

Estimates provided in writing before all work commences. Should you decide to perform the recommended work, the bench time will be part of the total cost.

Please bring all equipment to be repaired in at least, a "wiped down" / reasonably cleaned state. If we have to clean it (which we will in order to work on in), that will quickly add to the bench fee. If you're bringing us a "barn find" with "mouse droppings" and such, and drop it off "as found", expect a hazardous materials disposal charge of $200 to be added to the bill. Given the current climate, there will be no exceptions here. We'll definitely let you know this up-front.

If the job is complex, please be aware that we may ask for an deposit up front to cover the bench charge. Since things change with workload, you'll be told up front when to expect the "estimate" to be completed. Sometimes, that could be up to two weeks.

Shop Labor Rates:
  • In house : $150/hr plus parts.
  • On-site : $175/hr plus parts, travel time and expenses.
  • Concierge pick-up/delivery (when possible): +30%
  • Rush service (when possible) : +30%

Please be aware that once we've informed you that a job has been completed, you have 7 calendar days to pick up the repair or make arrangements to do so. If we don't hear from you, we will begin to charge a storage fee of $15/day per amplifier, $20/day per cabinet or $5 per outboard piece or pedal. If we don't hear from you within 30 days, we'll consider the item to be abandoned and it will be liquidated to cover the repair bill. The rest, will be retained as a sales fee.

We're not trying to be jerks about this but we have to pay for the space as well and work needs to get compensated for.

We're not trying to be jerks about this, but we have to pay for the space as well.

If you have any quetions about any of this, please ask before committing to a repair.
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